Save Teachers and Parents Time

We put the resources you need, where you need them, when you need them.

Restore Order  

We vet and organize the millions of free and open educational resource and tools.

Make it Easy   

We make it simple for teachers, students and parents to learn about new tools, acquire new skills, be inspired with new ideas, and to gain confidence in their ability to learn, grow, and do.


It’s all about the STUDENTS!

Wherever there is a student – Public, Private, Charter or Home School, ZUNI can be there.

PreK – 8th (9th – 12th grades on their way)

Teachers, Students and Families – and anyone else who wants to learn.


The administrator, the teacher, and the parent. We do it for all of you because working together is the only way we can give the best to our students and children.


We have worked hard and put in thousands of hours pulling all of the best free and open educational resources together – here in one place for you.

ZUNI’s Amazing Team of Teachers

Throughout the years 100s of teachers have curated and vetted resources.

ZUNI’s Snappy Design & Development Team

We listen to teachers’ input to design and develop our teacher-intuitive platform accordingly.

ZUNI’s Intense Passion

The founding team is a team of previous and current teachers, administrators, and parents who are passionate about learning, growing, and doing.


Achievement is an elusive thing. Achieving one thing leads to setting the next goal to achieve something else. When we achieve a goal, we develop a sense of confidence, pride and joy in our capabilities.

At ZUNI we believe it is imperative that our students learn and discover how to raise their achievement in all areas of life, not just academics, but in becoming the creative, dynamic, positively contributing human being they were born to be. We do it because we care. We are a team of administrators, teachers, parents and learners who dared to step out and find a way to support all those we love and care about.

We are a grassroots movement promoting the passion for lifelong learning and achieving not only as a student, but more importantly as a compassionate human being.